motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Special circumstances prevail in motorcycle cases

The joy that motorcycle riders often experience is always offset by the underlying possibility that they are much more vulnerable to accidents resulting in serious injuries.

Our office has processed more than a few motorcycle accidents over the years, where despite the best efforts of riders to be as safe as possible, they have become victims through no fault of their own.

When that happens, broken bones, head, neck and back injuries are common and can create financial and emotional challenges that will require a long recovery.

Through our experience as motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that riders stand the best chance to recoup losses due to medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering if they retain legal help as early as possible. With a legal team on board, a victim can focus on healing, instead of being stressed out from dealing with insurance companies, law enforcement, and other parties who are attempting to minimize the injuries and damage to a person and their motorcycle.

Just like in a car accident, it’s our first priority to make sure that our clients are getting the medical attention they need. Once we are satisfied that’s taking place; we can then turn our attention to proving the other party was negligent, allowing us to recover damages to the fullest extent possible.

Fortunately, courts view motorcycle riders favorably in many instances because riders are required to have specialized skills and training before they can take to the road. Courts also take into account that other drivers must be more vigilant when it comes to motorcycle riders because motorcycle drivers have less stability and increased vulnerability to other drivers and road hazards.

Armed with these facts, we use these advantages to negotiate from a position of strength with insurance companies, attempting to reach a settlement, but ultimately ready to go to trial, when needed.

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